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“Andragogy” (studies on how adults learn) originated in 1950’s. It was then pioneered as a theory and a model of adult learning from the 1970's by Malcolm Knowles. Today in training, we know it as the “Adult Learning Theory”.

A trainer’s style and the content of the training program should reflect the principles of adult learning.........


Money laundering is the process of concealing the origin of illegally acquired funds with the intention to make it look legit in the legal financial system.

Governments and regulatory bodies have taken numerous measures to curb money laundering activities in the last decade.........


Thousands of banks have spent millions or more on sales training, only to realize that they keep repeating the same activity month on month and year after year as Sales go up and eventually come down.


As revenue targets keep increasing, many Senior bank executives seek refuge in Sales training. The sales personnel feel more pushed.........


Universally there are many interpretations of Body Language. When working with people from different cultural backgrounds on a global platform; it‘s important to get the basics right.

If you want to make a good first impression, your body has to act the part. Body Language communicates more than you.........


Unexpected events, new competition, technological  changes or a shift in customer preferences forces Organizations to reassess their presence in the business environment.

When preparing for Change, one must consider the following elements to ensure a smooth transition that enables.........


As a senior team member, supervisor or manager you are called on to groom people in many different capacities and your role as a “Coach”, is one such function.


“Coaching” is an opportunity to contribute to another person’s development. It is a two-way partnership where you both share.........


“Coaching is about grooming people to do better”.


“Coaching is not about pushing people around to achieve a certain task”.

Therefore, a Coaching Plan must clearly build a positive rapport and address achievement of business goals by.........


When creating training content or approving the content by team members; one must make sure that the training content is in relevance to the training modules.

The training content must have an element of knowledge transfer and should be validated on key parameters such as.........


Course design plan refers to the outer shell or structure which should not be confused with content design. 


When designing and developing training courses, make use of “Action Verbs” as a best practice. The training course design should be based on the participant’s outcomes at the end of the training. Course design should have the following components.........



It is important to follow a clear strategy and have a process map that helps map the different build stages of the online learning module. While there are many documented approaches to building an online learning module such as SAT, ADDIE, etc...there is no right or wrong way to approach an e-learning project. It all depends on project timelines, resources, instructional designers ability. However, a.........  



It's a fact that most and nearly all organizations have a vision, mission, values kind of literature, but there are times when a new employee is left at the mercy of their induction or orientation session into the organization.

It is extremely important for human resources and the reporting manager/supervisor to set employee expectations in relation to perf......... 



Human Resources as a function keeps progressing by constantly innovating new ways to improve an organizations and its employees health.


They need to be able to proactively gain an insight on how to address concerns and increase employee satisfaction. One way to achieve this is by implementing systems, policies, procedures that enable & analyze employee survey’s & feedback. Many organizations and.........



Many Organization’s claim that their Human Resources are the most important and valuable assets. The Human Resource Department is responsible for creating healthy business relationships between employee’s and the Organization.

Today, investing in human resources is the most viable choice to achieve a competitive edge by hiring street smarts and use of.........


A good interviewer always prepares well, as preparation is an extremely important stage in the process of prospective employee selection.


Many interviewers create a poor impression on the candidates with the age old methods and questioning techniques. If you as an interviewer claim to be representing a professional organization, then you need to behave like one. Tips for exercising best practices.........


Many managers don’t seize the opportunity to give performance feedback to their team members other than during an annual review.

Not giving timely feedback is a key ingredient for employee failure and your failure as a manager. On the other hand, knowing how to effectively communicate expectations can set you apart from the mediocre manager.


The purpose of a training policy document is to provide guidelines when setting rules and regulations pertaining to Training & Development in an Organization.

While some Organizations apply a single Global Training and Development policy; it must be noted that such a practice may not......... 

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