Advantages of e-Learning

- Convenience

- Cost effective solution

- Continuous accessibility

- Sharing latest information

- Savings in travel, logistics, time

Instructional design phase

- Instructional analysis

- Performance objectives

- Instructional strategy

- Development of instructional materials

- Development of assessment instruments

- Collective evaluation

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With constant innovation in technology, e-learning has now become an important component in the education world.

More and more organizations are adopting this approach to inform and educate both their employees and customers. Organizations that are spread out over a vast geographical area make use of education technology and use it to educate their staff on latest products, compliance policies, procedures without the need of organizing classroom training.

The key success to e-learning is a well designed course that engages the learner with clear instructions, information and interactivity. Designing such courses with interactivity involves the use of various software’s that enable packaging the training modules to be delivered on an individual learner’s computer.



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E-Learning Overview

HR-Online Feedback

Anti Money Laundering

Business Continuity

Systems Simulation

New Employee Onboarding

Information Security


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